Gold Coast Sports Star Awards 2024


SGC was established by a diverse group of community-minded Gold Coast business leaders who are passionate about actively connecting the city’s business and sport economy, in order to help position the city as a leading place to train, administer, and host world-class sporting events.

Inaugural chairman Geoff Smith was a long-time supporter of sport on the Gold Coast before Sports Gold Coast was launched in 2016. The highly respected lawyer had seen local sport at all levels suffer primarily because of poor infrastructure, the lack of a sustainable funding model and an absence of good governance.

Smith believed that a closer relationship between sport and the Gold Coast business community could solve almost all of these problems. Not only would the sporting organisations proposer, but the entire Gold Coast, including the business hub, would be boosted through a successful Gold Coast sporting story.

The primary role of Sports Gold Coast is to act as a conduit between sport and the organisation/s required in each case to help that sport develop. This may include interaction with business, government and/or educational facilities.

Sponsorship dollars is just one form of assistance. Through Sports Gold Coast, local sporting organisations can benefit greatly through interaction with local businesses in areas such as financial structuring, managing online expectations, volunteer/staffing issues, networking and media/communications.

Key to Sports Gold Coast’s structure is its membership. Businesses can become members of Sports Gold Coast through a variety of levels. Each level offering more direct benefits. However all members have the immediate opportunity to connect to the Gold Coast sporting community. Membership offers numerous benefits. Our memberships are an effective way to meet business leaders from around the Gold Coast and provide you with access to some of the most sort after sporting events on the calendar.


Enjoy unique benefits inclusive access to a range of sporting events

There’s everything still to play for

Join Sports Gold Coast and help sport grow in our city

Building meaningful links between sport and business

Sports Gold Coast is a not-for-profit organisation with a simple objective – to connect Gold Coast sport to Gold Coast businesses to contribute to the fabric and identity of our incredible city.

We believe the local business community must play a lead role in shaping the future of the city, ensuring the Gold Coast continues to rank as one of the most liveable cities in the world.

Sport and innovation are the key drivers of a successful future. Sports Gold Coast provides the platform for business owners to work with all levels of government, the education and sport sectors, with the goal of developing sport and sporting projects in the region.

Not only does this create a powerful critical mass that drives the success of our projects, it forms a meaningful business network of like-minded people who are connected around common goals and shared values.


Why join Sports Gold Coast?

Our members are a diverse community network with members from many different backgrounds, sectors and industries. What unites us is an understanding and appreciation of the positive impact sport has on a community, and how it promotes social cohesion, healthy choices and active lifestyles.

Our members have access to an exclusive group of like-minded people across many sectors and industries.

Geoff Smith

As a Sports Gold Coast Member you are part of a team striving to leave a legacy by contribution to strategies that deliver long-term economic benefits

Geoff Smith, Chair



By bringing local sport and local business together Sports Gold Coast knows the enormous benefits both can achieve. Many Gold Coast businesses are already supporters of sport, however by being a part of the Sports Gold Coast network these businesses can realise so much more.



In a very short time span Sports Gold Coast has kicked some impressive goals – from creating the re-born Gold Coast NPLQ soccer club Gold Coast United, taking the annual Gold Coast Sports Star awards to new heights to assisting to bring Big Bash cricket to the Gold Coast. Sports Gold Coast has achieved a lot and has plenty more on the drawing board.


Are you a sporting organisation or business that deserves more media coverage. Sports Gold Coast has a growing media platform that can take your story to the entire Gold Coast. Our media team is focussed on all local sport and also highlighting the efforts of people who are succeeding on the sports field, in the boardroom and across both.



We are passionate about supporting our local grassroots clubs and organization to assist in advice, support and raising funds to enable them to continue to grow and be sustainable.  With the support of the business community and donations we aim to launch a Sports Community Portal in the near future.  



Promoting Women in Sport is a key agenda for Sports Gold Coast. The development of Women’s sporting teams is an important step in gender diversity across all codes.  Through partnering with Grass Roots sporting clubs, and providing awareness to business, Sports Gold Coast has connected support & funding towards promoting Women in Sport on the Gold Coast.


Sports strategy for City Of Gold Coast 2023 to 2032

Active & Healthy Program

Check out the hundreds of free and low-cost activities every week that are fun and suitable for all shapes and sizes.

Venues & Facilities

Offers a variety of excellent facilities for public use.  Visit one of our libraries, community, sport or aquatic centres. If you need to book a venue, search for one that meets your needs.

Sport Attraction

Designed to attract national and international sport organisations and businesses to the Gold Coast. It includes a range of incentives, funding and support for sport activities and relocating sport organisations to the city.