As part of our mission to unite Gold Coast Business in supporting grass root sporting clubs, Sports Gold Coast is getting behind a group of young Gold Coast players won the Craig Foster Futsal Cup and qualified for the Junior World Futsal Championships in Florida. We have established a fundraising drive to help with the cost of  hiring of indoor Futsal facilities for them to train for the tournament, professional coaching fees, the entrance fees for the tournament, the purchasing of kit for the tournament and for some of the travel costs.

Sports Gold Coast are aiming to create a structure and financial support (including fundraising and sponsorship) that can be leveraged by all future teams from the Gold Coast region that win the right to and/or have the ability to compete at this tournament. Last year two Gold Coast teams qualified but were not able to afford or manage their way in to attending. With the establishment of Sports Gold Coast, and in partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation, we aim to support this fantastic grass-roots organisation, and many others like it in the future.

This first group of kids that we are raising money to support have attended once before and achieved the highest result in history of any junior Australian team, bringing home the silver medal.